Dear Friend,

Welcome onto my blog! The French name of the blog means Anabaptist missionary. (I was a missionary in India when I created this blog.) The purpose of this blog is to answer some people’s questions about the beliefs and doctrines of the Christians who are part of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite. ATTENTION: THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST, MENNONITE, SEE BELOW FOR LINKS TO ITS OFFICIAL WEBSITE. My articles are mostly in French, since that is the language that I am the most fluent in, and I have a burden for those who speak my language and who may never have heard about the true regenerated Christian way.

My main occupation is being a teacher in a little school, but I’m also a francophone correspondent for the Gospel Tract and Bible Society (www.gospeltractandbible.org). Through this blog, I would also like to offer the online version of some tracts in English. If you need some tracts to distribute among your friends and neighbours or for evangelism, we can send them worldwide. Also if you have any additional questions about our beliefs and practices, where we are and what kind of outreach we do, do not hesitate to contact me at missionnaireanabaptiste@gmail.com. We will also gladly provide prayer support and some books about our Christian faith if you request us to.

Finally, I wish you all courage in your lives and hope to hear from you soon, and if not, see you in Heaven some day.

Here are a few links to other websites (in English) where you can learn more about our faith:



Hugues Andries

If you want to leave a comment, ask a question, or order gospel literature, please do it here:

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