A saviour for you

A Saviour For You

The prodical son asking his father for his inheritanceAre you a happy person? Or does guilt and fear overcome all your happiness? You wish you could get rid of your guilt, but how? You may wonder, Am I ever going to be happy again? I have good news for you! There is Someone who can help you, forgive your sins, and give you lasting happiness. His name is Jesus. Let me tell you about him. God is the One Who made the world. He made everything in the world. He made you and me. God loves us. He loves everyone in the world. God loves us so much that He sent Jesus, His only Son, to this world. While Jesus was on this earth, He healed the sick; He comforted the sad. He opened blinded eyes. He taught the people many things. We read about this in the Bible.

Jesus wanted us to understand the great love that His Father had for you and me. He told this story that explained that Love of His Father.

A Man was happily living in a town with his two sons. He thought all was going well. One day one of the sons rebelled and came to him and said, I don’t like this home, I want my own way and I am leaving. Give me my share of the inheritance. The Father was very sad but he gave him the money and let him go. He wondered if he would ever see the son again. Why was the son so rebellious?

The son went far away and enjoyed himself with his money and his friends. He wasted his money and did many bad things. He thought he was having a very good time until suddenly his money ran out and his friends left him. Then he was left all alone and he felt very guilty. What should he do?

He went to a farmer and the farmer sent him to feed the pigs. He was not given enough to eat. He was so hungry he would have eaten the pig’s food. He started to think of all the bad things he had done and how he had mistreated his Father. He got more and more miserable.

The prodical son feeding the pigsOne day he remembered how loving his Father was and how well he had it when he was still at home.

He thought, Could I go back to my Father after all I have done to Him? Would He still love me? I am not worthy to be his son. I would be just a servant in his house if only he would take me in.

Suddenly he got to his feet and started for his Father’s house. He would see if His father would still love him.

The Father had been longing for his son ever since he left. He wondered, Will my son ever come back? Then one day he saw someone coming in the distance. Could it be my son? He ran to him with outstretched arms and welcomed him back. He said, This my son was lost but now is found.

The father welcoming the prodical son homeWe have all been like this son; we have all strayed from our Heavenly Father. We have wasted the opportunities and all the good things He has given us. We have done bad things and rebelled against Him. Today our heavenly Father wants us to come to Him. He is waiting for us with outstretched arms.

Do we realize the love that Jesus has for us? After He had been teaching on this earth for three years He allowed wicked men to nail Him to a cross. He suffered pain and rejection as He gave His life and shed His blood as a sacrifice for the sins of the whole world.

When we come to the Father, we ask him to forgive our sin. When he sees we are sorry for our sins, He forgives us and washes away all our sin with His blood that He shed. What a wonderful experience. Jesus has become our Saviour. We have been born again and become a new person. Life takes on a new meaning. Jesus has replaced our guilt and fear with joy and happiness.

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